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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Further Background

I've been attending a Methodist church for the past 7-8 years of my life, since I was at the end of my junior-high school age. My mom had brought the family there; she felt like there was something missing in our lives (we had gone to church before, but many years ago, I was 3). Immediately I had gotten myself involved in the youth group, and made good friends in short time.

Some of the events that encouraged me to become more involved with my Christian calling were the youth group mission trips, specifically one to the Carolinas where we cleared trails while staying at a Christian camp. This sparked my maturing and my servanthood, and led me to focus efforts on something that I wouldn't benefit from; to give something up and recieve nothing in return. It wasn't a hard lesson to learn, personally. To this day, I do enjoy serving, when my schedule allows.

Another key factor to my relationship with God involves worship, specifically in music. I learned music, starting in junio-high and moving up into high school playing in the school bands, learning trumpet. Late in high school, probably late junior year, I began playing backup bass for my church's adult praise band EKG (Everlasting Knowledge and Grace). Further on, I began a youth praise band which ran for a good 3 years, as Noisy Prophets. Now, I have begun a new band from old members of the youth band, with me singing lead and playing bass. The name is under work, but we are called Synergy.

I think through all that time in the bands, God was trying to tell me something. Only recent, did I realize what it was: You are meant to be in worship. In the new band (Synergy), we just had our first performance at the contemporary Sunday morning service. Never have I felt so close to God while singing in praise and worship. Even in the days leading up to that morning, it spelled disaster for the band's first performance. However, through prayer and faith, He just lifted me up and made me his soapbox for the morning. It was beautiful, and I praise Him for that.

I will continue this background later.


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