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Friday, October 14, 2005

Career, and God

A number of career opportunities have made themselves apparent recently:

- Part of me would like to move near Tampa/St. Pete and attend USF, where I would major in Religious Studies, and keep my focus on God. My sister graduated with a Bachelor's in that from Univ of Florida, which is how I discovered it. With that, I would focus around a church oriented job, or somewhere where I could still spend much time in my faith, and continue an idea of that.

- When I told my older friend John of this interest, he suggested to me the possibility of attending a Seminary, in Orlando specifically. If I were to do so, I would look into a career as youth minister or worship leader, and music. I've got such a passion in playing and singing for the Lord, and I have had some interest in teaching. So, that's how I came to that.

- Also, if I stay at FGCU, I would look toward either a graduation in History, or a graduation in Hotel & Resort Management, which is an excellent program here.

I pray to God to help guide me in this big decision in my life. I want to work for Him, no matter where he takes me.


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