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Friday, October 14, 2005

New (Well, Old) Sounds for the Lord

I picked up a number of albums recently, and they have had such a positive impact in my relationship with music and praise and worship of God.

- Stryper (Reborn, 2005), an OLD (b 1983) hair-metal band, that has such great vocals and rhythm that is addicting, and the lyrics focus on a very concrete and simple songwriting for God. Something that all can understand and relate to, but it doesn't feel very 'cookie-cutter' to me. THAT is what I look for, and that is what I regard as some of the best music for God. Some of my favorite tracks are: Reborn, Rain, In God We Trust, and Open your Eyes.

- Five Iron Frenzy (FIF, Proof that the Youth are Revolting, 1999 LIVE), a ska band that has seen it's course. I keep telling others that the most appropriate way to hear a ska band's music is live, "where the band and it's character is exposed and not lost in studio". This is a perfect example, for this bunch has so much energy in their music, which I hold very high in praise and worship music. Their activity is all love and fun as they talk to the audience and each other, pulling jokes, and saying prayers. Unfortunately, they have since moved onto other projects, and broke up in 2003. Some of my favorite tracks are: All that is Good, Every New Day, and One Girl Army.


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